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The Coffee Region

The Otun Quimbaya Reserve Los Nevados National Park The Cocora Valley A Hacienda in the coffee region

Among the numerous regions of Colombia, the "Coffee Triangle" is a must-see region. You can admire typical coffee plantations for as far as the eye can see with snow-covered summits in the distance around the three departments (Quindio, Risaralda and Caldas) forming the Colombian coffee growing axis. It is here, in the west of Colombia, that much of the country´s coffee - representing 10% of world´s supply - is grown, between the magical altitudes of 800m to 1800m. You have many possibilities to discover this region : you can hike through the spectacular Cocora valley or in Los Nevados National Park, make a coffee tour in a finca (typical farm), enjoy a horseback ride or a trip in one of the area´s famous Jepp Willys.

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