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Huila & Cauca

Popayán Tierradentro Tierradentro The Guambianos Magdalena river San Agustin Archaeological Park Tatacoa desert

Listed at UNESCO World Heritage since 1995, the San Agustin Archaeological Park is an extraordinary place with hundreds of statues erected. This area will also seduce you with the village of Silvia and its colorful weekly market where you have the opportunity to enjoy the local culture of the Guambianos Indians. Nearby, the white city of Popayan, nestled in the green maze of Valle del Cauca, at an altitude of 1737 meters, is the epitome of colonial charm, with its quaint streets and its pretty cobbled squares. Finally, the archaeological treasure of Tierradentro will take you back a few hundred years into the past to discover the mysterious underground tombs containing many secrets...

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