Visit of the villages of Barichara and Chicamocha

With its breathtaking landscapes, its typical villages and its strong currents, the Santander is a prime destination.

Nestled on a headland overlooking the Suarez river, Barichara is considered one of the most beautiful cities of the country. When arriving from a sports excursion in the surroundings, you will enjoy the tranquility of this town where was shot several Colombian telenovelas.

Further down, the Guane trail allows the traveller to go back in time, on the road to gold. San Gil is the ideal starting point for rafting, canoeing or paragliding. The impressive Chicamocha Canyon, deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona with its two kilometres deep and 22.7 km long, is a true natural wonder.

Nearby, waterfalls, coffee plantations and wild nature will make you want to extend your stay in the area. Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to taste the most unusual culinary delicacies …

The region can be visited either from Villa de Leyva or from Bucuramanga (nearest airport).

On the road between Villa de Leyva and Barichara you can enjoy a break in the village of Guadalupe to discover the river Las Gachas known as Caño Cristales del Santander. There you will be able to admire its natural jacuzzis.

For a “classic” discovery, we recommend a 4-day itinerary, to enjoy the main places of interest of the region, between nature and colonial villages (Barichara, Guane, Chicamocha), considering the relatively long travelling time.

Of course, the stay can be completed with a stopover in a coffee plantation, the visit of other colonial villages (Giron, Curiti…) or with the practice of extreme sports such as paragliding or rafting in the surroundings of San Gil.