World heritage site by the UNESCO

Tierradentro, nestled at the bottom of an isolated valley, is a unique archeological site because of the importance and the number of tombs that can be observed there.

Classified as a world heritage site by the UNESCO since 1995, it can be accessed from Popayan or San Agustin, with a stay in the village ‘paece’ of San Andres de Pisimbala.

The site of Tierradentro gathers statues of human figures and and numerous hypogeums built between the 6th and 10th centuries.
These vast subterranean tombs (some mortuary chambers are up to 12 m wide), unique in America, are decorated with patterns representing the interior decorations of the dwellings of the period.

They are an exceptional testimony of the social complexity and the funeral rituals and customs of a vanished pre-Hispanic society, in a sumptuous landscape.