The corporation Proyectarte was founded in 2010 in Medellin. Its team is multidisciplinary:  artists, psychologists, social workers, and more, who have been accompanying young people for over 10 years through art and reconnection with nature. They work with young people, adolescents, and families in conditions of social vulnerability or who are victims of the country’s armed conflict.

The values of Proyectarte are:

  1. ETHICS, understood as self-respect, respect for others, and responsibility in all actions.
  2. SOLIDARITY, as the need for everyone’s commitment and participation in advocating for the common good, building sustainable human development, and preserving the planet.
  3. CREATIVITY, as the innovative energy necessary to generate new options, paths, and models that promote a more compassionate society.
  4. OPTIMISM, understood as a mental attitude that, regardless of difficult situations and environments, enables the realization of actions that lead to the achievement of pursued goals.

A creative afternoon with the team

It’s 2 PM, and we arrive at Proyectarte‘s premises. Marie and Amandine warmly welcome us with local coffee and their contegious smiles. We take a seat on the chairs arranged in a circle and meet Yeral, a 19-year-old who has been part of the organization for 7 years. Yeral crossed paths with Proyectarte when she was 12, as they came to her school for an intervention. The young woman discovered her passion for art in general, and painting in particular.

She shares her experience with us and her irresistible desire to share her experience with other children from disadvantaged neighborhoods in Medellin. Today, she works as a workshop facilitator, just like the one we are conducting as a team today.

Here we go, we start the workshop with introductions, but not just any introductions. We have to describe ourselves using one feeling, one element, one color, and a place that is dear to us. One by one, we read what we’ve written on our small red papers. Then we dive into the heart of the matter. There are about ten small flat stones, each with distinct shapes and sizes arranged on the floor. Yeral invites us to choose the stone that attracts us the most, the one that inspires us. With our stone in hand, Marie and Yeral explain that today’s workshop involves painting our stone. The theme? Our inner fire. It’s a broad topic that allows us to let our imaginations run wild. We head over to the table adorned with various paint pots, brushes, containers, and all the necessary materials for creating our artworks.

With our brushes in hand, we begin to paint our “inner fire.” After about half an hour of work, we finish our creations. Each of us has a different interpretation of the subject and an overflowing creativity. It’s time to return to our chairs and present our paintings. We take turns presenting our artwork and explaining how it represents our inner fire. It’s a deeply emotional moment.

Now, it’s time to offer our stone to someone from the team. We all leave with a colleague’s stone as a memento of this workshop. But it’s not over! The last step involves writing words to express our feelings on star-shaped pieces of paper. We fold the branches of the stars inward and place them in a bowl of water… Magic happens! Upon contact with the water, the branches open up, revealing the words: “growth,” “gratitude,” “tranquility,” “joy,” “light”… hopeful words to describe this workshop.

We leave with light hearts, having experienced a profoundly human, emotional, and sharing-filled moment.

Why participate in a Proyectarte's workshop ?

To live an inspiring experience through dialogue and the learning of young leaders from Proyectarte.

To understand how art can heal and transform lives.

To support a social cause: the proceeds from this experience are invested in the corporation and help support its mission.

It’s time for you to visit Colombia and participate in social and community projects

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