The southern region of Colombia is not the most visited, but it has a lot to offer. The most unknown places often contain the most beautiful treasures.

Here are 3 destinations in the south of the country not to be missed when visiting Colombia:

San Agustin: a mysterious archaeological site

San Agustin, known for the numerous historical vestiges that can be found there and notably for its impressive statues from a pre-Columbian civilization that is still unknown, is located in the south of the department of Huila.

These statues with human or animal faces were sculpted by hand, but no one knows yet by whom. Legend has it that this territory was occupied more than 5,000 years ago by two indigenous cultures separated by a terrain full of mountains and rivers. San Agustin will remain for the moment one of the most mysterious historical sites in Colombia.

An archaeological site, but not just that! San Agustin is also a beautiful landscape that surrounds the Rio Magdalena. It is also possible to go rafting, to discover traditional coffee fincas, but also to take part in permaculture activities… San Agustin offers a wide range of activities and the less archaeology-loving will be able to enjoy this magical place as much.

To discover this unique place, there are direct flights from Bogota to Pitalito, the closest airport to San Agustin.

Puracé: a spectacular volcanic area

Puracé National Park is a volcanic area, as evidenced by its many sulphurous springs and its name, which means “mountain of fire” in Quechua. It is the source of Colombia’s main rivers: Magdalena, Cauca, Patía and Caquetá, as well as 30 lagoons.

Located at an altitude that varies between 2,500 and 5,000 meters above sea level, the various hiking trails between thermal springs, lakes and waterfalls allow you to observe the great variety of local ecosystems (swamps, forests, snowy peaks).

This spectacular place is home to the famous Andean condors, one of the largest flying birds on the planet, so you will most likely have the chance to see some during a hike among the frailejones.

Located a few hours from Popayan, this National Park is a real treasure that allows you to feel alone in the world in the middle of such beautiful landscapes.

Tierradentro and its pre-Columbian tombs

Tierradentro is a place of great diversity, with historical remains, culture and unusual landscapes. Hypogeums and monumental statues of human figures dating from between 600 and 900 AD have been found here. The Spaniards named this region “Tierradentro” (in English, land of the interior) because the village is located in the high mountains of the Cordillera Central, because of its difficult access, but also because of the tenacity of the indigenous people who lived there and refused to let their territory be invaded.

It is possible to stop here between Popayan and San Agustin. The inhabitants of the village, just as friendly as this place, will be delighted to tell you the history of their territory.

Southern Colombia is full of beautiful places, it is a region full of history, culture, pre-Columbian remains and beautiful natural landscapes.


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