Mompox, colonial city classified as a World Heritage Site

Santa Cruz de Mompox, located on the banks of the Rio Magdalena, and whose historical centre is a world heritage, is a unique example of a colonial city.
You can explore its many baroque churches and visit silverware workshops renowned for the fineness of its jewellery in silver watermark (filigrana momposina).

Even if Mompox played a key role in Colombia history (it was the first city to declare its independance against Spain), nowadays time seems to have stopped there.
Readers of Gabriel Garcia Marquez will be delighted, as it can easily be compared to Macondo, the fictional city where the time has stopped and where takes place “One hundred years of solitude”.

Isolated between two rivers, only the Holy week festivities can disrupt its tranquility, with its austere and chaotic ceremonies, amongst the most famous in America.

Mompox is therefore an ideal place to rest, to read, to immerse in an authentic village. No wonder if I tell you that Mompox is renowned for the manufacture of rocking chairs.