Coming to Colombia

Flights to Colombia

From Europe: we generally recommend Air France which offers flights almost daily directly from Paris; a journey of about 11 hours. We also recommend KLM, which operates the flights via Amsterdam.

Other Options from Europe: Colombian airline company AVIANCA, German airline Lufthansa, Portuguese company TAP, Spanish airline IBERIA (Daily flights from Madrid), Turkish airlines

On Combined Trips Between Colombia and Panama: We suggest KLM airways.

We are not able to book long haul flights from Europe, North America, Asia or Africa; however we can take care of your domestic flights, as well as connecting flights if you are booking a multi-destination trip with Terra Group. Terra Group.

By waterway

You can arrive in Colombia by a sea cruise (connecting the Panama archipelago San Blas to the city of Cartagena) or by a cruise on the Amazon river from Peru or Brazil.

As part of Terra Group, with local agencies in neighbor countries, please contact us for more information!

Throughout Colombia

Domestic flights

Most of the main cities are well connected by the following airlines: Avianca (Star Alliance) and Latam Colombia (One World).

We can take care of booking domestic flights with the aforementioned companies (in business or economy class).

Many travelers have a connection in Bogotá.

The details of the schedules and companies corresponding to your trip will be communicated to you at the time of booking. We will also keep you informed of any possible changes decided by the airline that may affect the price and/or itinerary of your trip.

If you have any preferences, please do not hesitate to let us know.

If you are a frequent flyer on Star Alliance or One World, please provide us with your loyalty number if you wish us to include it in your booking for you to gain a few extra miles!

We can also arrange for a charter plane or helicopter if specifically requested.

By Road

Vehicle with Private driver

We favor private transport services in our trips. This means we provide you with a vehicle driven by a Spanish-speaking driver.

Fuel, parking and tolls as well as personal expenses (accommodation, meals) are included in our rate proposal, you have nothing to provide (except from tips, optional).

The vehicle is adapted to the size of your group and is completely private, i.e. only for you. There will be no one else on board except your driver and possibly your guide.

If you are less than 3 people, it will most often be a comfortable car, such as a sedan or 4×4. On the other hand, if your group consists of more than 4 people, we will provide a van (short, medium or long depending on the size of your group).

This mean of transportation is generally preferable since you don’t have to worry about anything (road conditions, travel time, driving style… etc) and it is safer (your driver knows the area like the back of their hand).


Buses and Shuttles

Comfortable, fast and usually on time, traveling by bus is a good option for tight budgets.

For some routes, to connect some cities on the Caribbean coast (Mompox, Santa Marta, Cartagena, Riohacha…), we can include shuttle trips, which offer a good alternative between a private service and the public bus.

These shuttle trips are door-to-door (departure and arrival directly at your hotel on most routes) and are carried out by private companies with regular schedules, with Spanish-speaking drivers and several passengers.

Please note, however, that departures may be early in the morning with frequent stops to pick up or drop off other passengers, or even to change vehicles along the way (depending on the destination).

For more comfort, we recommend the private vehicle option.

Taxis in town

As soon as you arrive, we will be able to recommend you the taxi companies to be preferred in the cities of Bogota, Cartagena or Medellin (they are metered taxis, or at a fixed price if the distance is important).

Travel Durations

Colombia is a vast country with a varied land topography. The country has a generally good quality road network.


It is important to note that these roads cannot be compared to those travelers may be used to in North America or Europe.

Some regions may present difficulties of access due to topography, climate, or isolation.

The travel durations we provide (upon request) are therefore given as an indication. As mucg as possible, we take care not to plan itineraries that exceed 5 hours of driving time in a single day.

Moreover, in Colombia, the notions of time and schedule are understood differently than in Western countries.


By plane

Some areas are only accessible by plane.

Most cities are well connected.

Flight schedules are on average one hour (for more isolated regions such as the Amazon or the San Andres Archipelago it takes about 2 hours).

It is frequent to have to stop in Bogota for a simple stopover or even to take a connection.