Good to know


Your safety is our priority.

Without denying any risk in that area, Colombia is now quite a safe country. After several years of important political instability, Colombia entered the 21st century with a desire to change in a safer context.

The country of emeralds and coffee no longer presents any specific danger for travelers who take the minimum precautions and have common sense.

To whom are our trips?

Our trips are for all publics including children, whatever are your expectations.
Unlike the preconceived ideas, Colombia is a developped touristic destination with services and rates set accordingly.

The country is very pleasant and easy to discover, without hassle and offering a great diversity of landscapes and activities, as well quality services (hotels, guides, transportations).

Keep in mind that some activities (diving, water sports, climbing…) require a specific physical competence or adaptation abilities (due to climate, accommodation conditions or access conditions…).


Visa and passport

To go to Colombia, it is only required to have a valid passport (valid 6 months from the date of entry in the country).

A visa is not required for a stay of less than 90 days.

It is however required to have a return ticket (or a ticket out to another country). These conditions can change. Please check with the Colombian embassy before departure.


If you pay for your flight ticket with your credit card (visa, MasterCard, American express) you should be covered by an insurance for your whole length of stay. Make sure however to check the conditions of your coverage (length, destination, activity…) before departure. The travel insurance is the traveler’s responsibility.


Physical condition

Please make sure that you are in a good physical condition to travel.

The trip can be tiring in some regions due to traveled distances, altitude or weather changes.

Respect the usual rules: frequent hand washing, warm and cooked food, hydratation, bottled water. Protect yourself against the sun, the heat and the mosquitoes.

Rural stops / community / treks

Some of our itineraries (hikes, stays in rural communities) often require to adapt to rustic conditions and unexpected parameters. They do not involve exceptional sports abilities but require a good physical condition and a sense of adaptability.

Comfort remains one of our priority in the selection of our hotel and other types of accomodation.

When we mention ‘basic comfort’ on some nights, it usually refers to private home accommodation (or refuges) with a floor that can be made of earth or concrete, or in which collective dormitories equipped with basic beds (bed base + mattress + blankets) are offered. Showers and electricity at all hours are more rarely available. However, you should know that our field teams (inhabitants, refuge owners) will be at your disposal to accommodate you in the best conditions.

Food and drinks

Colombia is characterized by its great culinary variety. Among its specialities: the bandeja paisa (hearty dish from Medellin), the ajiaco (typical soup from Bogota), the hormiga culona (ants from the Santander, not to be missed).

Tap water is rarely drinkable except in the big cities. In general, you should opt for bottled water.
The national alcohol is the arguardiente, made from sugar cane. Excellent rums and some beers (the Colombians’ favorite drink) are also produced here.

Do not forget


It is generally advised to be up to date with your vaccines (Hepatitis A&B, tetano and polio). The yellow fever vaccine is recommended for some regions and to access some national parks.
Depending on your country of origin or your destination after Colombia, some vaccinations can be required. Terra Colombia is not a substitute for local authorities.


Be careful, not all the international airline companies have the same luggage allowance policy (make sure to check on your flight ticket). If possible, de not carry heavy luggage: two small suitcases or strong bags fit better in a bus or a private car than one big suitcase.

In Colombia, for the domestic flights, the luggage allowance is of 20kg per person + 10kg cabin luggage. If you have some excess kilos, show your international flight ticket that includes a bigger allowance, it should work. Generally Colombians are very courteous and understanding with foreigners.

Upon your trip confirmation, we can send you upon request a list of equipments to prepare.



1 USD = 3,500 COP
1 EUR = 4,200 COP
(December 2020)

Bank and payments

The international credit cards (Mastercard, American Express, Visa) are accepted almost everywhere in the country. It is possible to withdraw money in the local currency in the ATMs. We do not recommend the use of Traveler checks.


Most of the restaurants add a 10% service (tip) mark up to their bill.

In the hotels, a doorman and a housekeeping attendant will expect a tip of around 2 000COP