Imagine Colombia as a panoply of surprising paintings where each detail gives you different sensations. These details are the sumptuous landscapes that this wonderful country has to offer. Like Mary Poppins, immerse yourself in these different universes to practice many extreme sport: thrills guaranteed!

Here is my Top 5 activities and extreme sports to practice in Colombia:

1. Parapente

What is better than feeling free? It is by traveling through the air that we imagine absolute freedom. To be free as a bird, head to the Chicamocha Canyon in the Santander region. You will have a breathtaking view over the second deepest canyon in the world…

2. Scuba diving

It is now in the magnificent seabed that you will enjoy an unforgettable experience! Between the Caribbean coast and the Pacific coast, you will have the chance to be immersed in the most beautiful aquatic landscapes of Colombia. It is by venturing to the island of Gorgona that you will enjoy a magical underwater painting. This island, which was a penitentiary center for a long time, is now listed as a World Heritage Site. Follow the soft sound of humpback whales to forget for a moment what is happening on land.

3. Mountain bike

It is in one of the most beautiful natural reserves in the coffee region, the Patsola, that you can get lost on a mountain bike in the coffee and banana fields. You will have the chance to observe many tropical birds present in the region, the symbol of freedom is everywhere…

4. Rafting

Fanatics of wild rivers and natural settings will be in heaven during a descent of the Rio Fonce in rafting. This activity is accessible to all and allows a real contact with the luxuriant nature offered by this mountainous region. So I advise you to make your way through these rapids for a fun and refreshing time!

5. Kitesurf

Discover the Guajira region where you can go on an adventure on the Caribbean waves. Marrying the wind, the sun and the sea during a kitesurfing session is a good combo to fall in love with this desert region.

I know it is tempting to stay in these incredible paintings, but get out there because there are so many other corners to discover in Colombia…

written by: Océane

It's up to you now!