Marius presents his favorite discoveries

You can’t wait to go and explore the end of world, to wander in the ancient streets of colonial towns and taste exotic flavors? Marius did not wait: in search of new hidden gems, he traveled around all of Colombia, with a distinct preference for lost and unknown places… So follow the guide and discover his best finds!

Barichara, hanging in the air

Barichara is not easy to reach: you have to cross deep canyons to get to this lovely village. But the effort is well rewarded: you get to a beautiful colonial town suspended on a cliff, surrounded by the stunning mountain of Santander. For a hiking lover like me, it’s a true paradise!

Mompox where time stops

Mompox, like Barichara, is one of the “most beautiful villages in Colombia”, but appart from that it could not be more different. Lazing on the shores of the legendary Magdalena river, this town has a scent of unreality, appeared right out of one of Garcia Marquez’ novels. Its tiny streets belong to another age and I quickly forget about the outside world, overcome by its sweet torpor.

The best kept secrets of Tayrona

Tayrona National Park is far from unknown, on the contrary. What few people know is that this park is but a little part of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. Rivers where toucans and howler monkeys meet, never-ending beaches and Kogi villages hidden in the jungle… For me, the best of Tayrona is to be found outside of the official paths.

All alone with the Caribbean Sea

From Cartagena de Indias, it is hard to resist the call of the sea. But if the beaches near the city are unfortunately packed, there is the discreet San Bernardo Archipelago and its green tiny islands, further away but incredibly preserved. Here reigns an absolute tranquility, and I finally find myself all alone with the vast, turquoise Caribbean Sea. 

I would like to take you to so many other places in Colombia: to the mysterious zoomorphic statues of San Agustin, the local coffee farmers of the Quindio region, explore the paradoxes of the capital city Bogota or the Gambiano market in Silvia, near Popayan… Who knows? Maybe next time!